Black Dollar Days Task Force: Building Community Responsibility for Economic Prosperity


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Latest News

  • It is Time to Get your Ad In the 23rd edition of the AABD Directory

    After much demand of the African American Business Directory. I am going to up date for the 23rd edition. I need your help to make this the biggest and best directory ever. This year we will include ALL small businesses. Please don't wait until the last minute to get your order in and miss out. It helps me when you send your order and payment in early. I need your support to get the word out. Thanks

    For information contact Lottie Cross at 206-324-3114 or 206-2710311 for more information.

  • The AABD Directory Returns in 2017

    The Black Dollar Days Task Force is pleased to announced the return of the AABD Directory.

    Work in currently being done to secure sponsors and advertisers as well as update the directory listing information in preparation for and early 2017 distribution.

    Should your past listing need to be updated or should you be interested in advertising or sponsoring the book, please contact Lottie Cross at or call 206-324-3114.

AABD Listings

  • Black Dollar Days Task Force

    116 - 21st Ave.
    Seattle, WA 98122

  • MetLife Reverse Mortgage

    2505 S. 320th St.
    Federal Way, WA 98003

  • Black Dollar Days Task Force

    116 - 21st Ave.
    Seattle, WA 98122